Design Ops Begins Here.

Relay allows you to push graphics in Figma straight to your GitHub Repo.

Relay is Continuous Delivery for Designers

Connect design files with your live site

No more zipping or emailing graphics.
Your well-oiled machine doesn’t have to break down due to complex build processes, or lack of time to enforce consistency. Relay builds a connection that allows designers to make graphical changes live in an instant.

Output optimized images with one click

Relay reduces file size in transit.
Running graphics through post-Figma production processes is something Relay is uniquely capable of handling. Today, Relay automatically crunches your file sizes down, but we’ve got even more workflows coming.

Figma to Relay. Relay to Repo.

Work Alongside Development

No more hand-off meetings. Once a connection is made between Figma, Relay, and GitHub, graphic changes can be made whenever—you’ll never need to bug your development team again.

Route, Split, and Scale

Our routing system is flexible for when projects grow, shrink, or pivot. Export assets to multiple folders, in as many sizes and formats as you need to meet requirements for most architectures.

Branching and Pull Requests

Finally, designers can have a process that dovetails with engineering. Push with a single click, and Relay will create and commit to branches, and open Pull Requests.

Use Relay for Free.

No credit card required.

Good for curious people

$0 / month

Your First Relay Project

Best for side-hustlers

$12 / month

Up to 10 Relay Projects

Great for freelancers

$29 / month

Unlimited Relay Projects

Studio, Startup, or Enterprise?

Team Plans are coming soon. What’s after that? You tell us.

Relay has closed down. Thank you for your support!